April 21-27, 2018
3. Tehran International Contemporary Music Festival, Iran

Martyna Kosecka will actively participate in 3rd International Contemporary Music Festival in Tehran, both as an artistic co-director of events, as well as the performer and composer during the one-week meeting with contemporary music.

Detailed list:

20.04, 16.00 PM, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art TMOCA (Gallery I)

Martyna Kosecka’s piece “Hypnos” for tenor recorder and tape, performed by Sylvia Hinz (Germany) in her solo recorder recital

21.04, 9.00 PM, Roudaki Hall

Solo piano recital of Martyna Kosecka
Polish Contemporary Music
In repertoire: Mykietyn, Krauze, Dutkiewicz, Sikorski, Fabiańska-Jelińska, Schaeffer

23.04, 9.00 PM, Roudaki Hall

Martyna Kosecka’s piece “Nephélēs” for piano, performed by Emanuela Piemonti (Italy) in her solo piano recital

24.04, 9.00 PM, Roudaki Hall

SpectroDuo in concert
Program: 7 Meditations for soprano saxophone, piano and electro-acoustic layer

More info about the Festival can be found on www.tehrancmf.com and social media streams. Tickets available on www.tiwall.com