May 2, 2015
Martyna Kosecka is the winner of 5-Minute Opera Competition at 28.Music Biennale Zagreb, Croatia

The compositions by ten finalists were premiered by the musicians of the Festival ensemble, soprano Monika Cerovèec and baritone Krešimir Stražanac conducted by Saša Britviæ. The winner was decided by a four-member composer jury consisting of Zoran Juraniæ, Daniel Matej, Ðuro Živkoviæ and Krešimir Seletkoviæ, while the audience – who marked their favorites on the ballots – had the equal-value fifth vote.

After counting and summing the votes, the overflowing auditorium of the HGZ proved to be the deciding vote as most of the listeners liked the five-minute opera Kochawaya by the Polish composer Martyna Kosecka. The winner won the commission of the opera for the 29th Music Biennale Zagreb to be held in 2017.

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