November 22, 2015
Trybunal Koronny, Lublin, Poland

In the Representative Chamber of Trybunal Koronny in Lublin will be an annual concert of Association “Towards the art”, presenting the art of young artists in the fields of music, literature, painting etc. In program among the others, composition Passaggio I for voice and violoncello by Martyna Kosecka (soprano – Blanka Dembosz, cello – Łukasz Laxy) and a n unique improvisation by the name Afsāneye Āzar for two voices and piano, performed by composer and a singer Blanka Dembosz. Entrance free.

More information on the Association’s website: Towards the art;

or on their facebook funpage The Association Towards the art

November 14, 2015
L’Abri, Geneve, Switzerland

In L’Abri gallery space an unique concert by the name SHELTER is being organized. It is a result of Call for Proposals project coordinated by EKLEKTO Percussion Center. Among the three winner proposals we can hear a world premiere of Martyna Kosecka’s composition Umbra – a musical theatre for three percussionists and electronics. After the concert will be a meeting and a discussion panel with composers.

Performers, members of EKLEKTO Trio: Alexandra Bellon, Anne Briset, Jérémie Maxit Sound realisation: Jean Keraudren

Additional information about the concert (in french only): Concert: SHELTER

November 8, 2015
Music Academy in Łódź, Poland

In chamber hall of Music Academy in Łódż will be a concert of Youth Circle of Composers next to National Composers’ Union Poland. Performers – sopra(n)cello – Blanka Dembosz (soprano) and Łukasz Laxy (cello) will premiere Martyna Kosecka’s composition Passaggio I, composed in 2014.

Information about the concert (in polish only): Concert of Youth Circle of Composers

November 7, 2015
Paris, France

During 12th edition of Festival Licences in Paris you will be able to hear Martyna Kosecka’s electronic composition by the title Topic: The Music of Pressures, composed in 2009. This piece was premiered as one among the finalists of Call for Sounds competition, organized by 52. International Festival for Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn in 2009.

More information about Festival Licences, tickets and places of the concerts: Festival Licences in Paris

September 20, 2015
Warsaw, Poland

Duo sopranKONTRAbas Blanka Dembosz and Mateusz Loska, will premiere especially written and dedicated to them composition Akme during 58.Warsaw Autumn Festival for Contemporary Music. Concert will take place in Praga Południe Borough Culture Promotion Centre at 6.00 PM.

All details under the link: Warsaw Autumn Festival

September 12, 2015
Tehran, Iran

August 5th 2015 at 7.30PM in Lajevardi Collection Gallery in Tehran, Iran was an exceptional concert of the electronic music duo – SpectroDuo – Martyna Kosecka and Idin Samimi Mofakham, who altogether with invited guest musicians, presented their newest composing project A SOUNDWALK.

Performance focused on timbral exploration, taking the listener to the spaces of beating phenomenon, drones and unexpected points of silence. Concert took place thanks to help of NewMediaSociety and under a honorary patronage of Polish Embassy in Tehran.

More information about the project: New Media Sound Session #10 | SpectroDue

August 10-29, 2015
Ostrava, Czech Republic

Martyna Kosecka will be one of composer-residents during Institute and Festival Ostrava Music Days 2015.

She will take part in masterclasses with such composers as Peter Ablinger, Richard Ayres, Bernhard Lang, Alvin Lucier, Phill Niblock, Jennifer Walshe, Christian Wolff and many others.

25 August, during a concert of Ostrava Music Days 2015 Festival at 10.00 PM there will be a premiere of her composition – Sial – for bassoon and piano.Concert will take place in concert hall of Ostrava Philharmony.

July 10-24, 2015
Tehran, Iran

Martyna Kosecka will lead a cycle of lectures and workshops connected to contemporary music. All the classes take place in NA Institute in Tehran.

Detailed list:
10.07, 7.00-9.00 PM – Lecture “Electronic Music”
12-14.07, 10.00AM-2.00PM – Improvisation workshop Classes lead with composer Idin Samimi Mofakham and an opera singer Alma Samimi
21.22.07, 10.00AM-2.00PM – Cycle of lectures and composers’ workshop “Spectral music”
24.07, 7.00-9.00PM – Lecture “Polish contemporary music”

May 2, 2015
Martyna Kosecka is the winner of 5-Minute Opera Competition at 28.Music Biennale Zagreb, Croatia

The compositions by ten finalists were premiered by the musicians of the Festival ensemble, soprano Monika Cerovèec and baritone Krešimir Stražanac conducted by Saša Britviæ. The winner was decided by a four-member composer jury consisting of Zoran Juraniæ, Daniel Matej, Ðuro Živkoviæ and Krešimir Seletkoviæ, while the audience – who marked their favorites on the ballots – had the equal-value fifth vote.

After counting and summing the votes, the overflowing auditorium of the HGZ proved to be the deciding vote as most of the listeners liked the five-minute opera Kochawaya by the Polish composer Martyna Kosecka. The winner won the commission of the opera for the 29th Music Biennale Zagreb to be held in 2017.

More information and the interview with finalist in here:

The 5-Minute Opera Competition
The interview