August 10-29, 2015
Ostrava, Czech Republic

Martyna Kosecka will be one of composer-residents during Institute and Festival Ostrava Music Days 2015.

She will take part in masterclasses with such composers as Peter Ablinger, Richard Ayres, Bernhard Lang, Alvin Lucier, Phill Niblock, Jennifer Walshe, Christian Wolff and many others.

25 August, during a concert of Ostrava Music Days 2015 Festival at 10.00 PM there will be a premiere of her composition – Sial – for bassoon and piano.Concert will take place in concert hall of Ostrava Philharmony.

July 10-24, 2015
Tehran, Iran

Martyna Kosecka will lead a cycle of lectures and workshops connected to contemporary music. All the classes take place in NA Institute in Tehran.

Detailed list:
10.07, 7.00-9.00 PM – Lecture “Electronic Music”
12-14.07, 10.00AM-2.00PM – Improvisation workshop Classes lead with composer Idin Samimi Mofakham and an opera singer Alma Samimi
21.22.07, 10.00AM-2.00PM – Cycle of lectures and composers’ workshop “Spectral music”
24.07, 7.00-9.00PM – Lecture “Polish contemporary music”

May 2, 2015
Martyna Kosecka is the winner of 5-Minute Opera Competition at 28.Music Biennale Zagreb, Croatia

The compositions by ten finalists were premiered by the musicians of the Festival ensemble, soprano Monika Cerovèec and baritone Krešimir Stražanac conducted by Saša Britviæ. The winner was decided by a four-member composer jury consisting of Zoran Juraniæ, Daniel Matej, Ðuro Živkoviæ and Krešimir Seletkoviæ, while the audience – who marked their favorites on the ballots – had the equal-value fifth vote.

After counting and summing the votes, the overflowing auditorium of the HGZ proved to be the deciding vote as most of the listeners liked the five-minute opera Kochawaya by the Polish composer Martyna Kosecka. The winner won the commission of the opera for the 29th Music Biennale Zagreb to be held in 2017.

More information and the interview with finalist in here:

The 5-Minute Opera Competition
The interview


April 24, 2015
Brucknerhaus, Mittlerer Saal, Linz, Austria

During Festival 4020 in Linz, focusing on music from Middle East regions, Martyna Kosecka will conduct Ensemble4020, performing two pieces during evening concert presenting contemporary classical music: Idin Samimi Mofakham’s Hommage a Komitas (2015, order of Festival 4020 Linz) and Zeynep Gedizlioğlu’s Yol (2005/6).

More information: Festival 4020 in Linz, Ensemble4020

April 21, 2015
Croatian Music Institute, Gundulićeva 6, Zagrzeb, Croatia

During 28.Music Biennale Zagreb in Croatia, at finals of 5-Minute Opera Competition, will be a premiere of Martyna Kosecka’s mini-opera Kochawaya for two soloists and ensemble. Conductor: Saša Britvić.

More information: 28 Music Biennale Zagreb

March 26, 2015
Poznań City Hall, White Chamber

We invite you for the concert during 44th International Contemporary Music Festival “Poznańska Wiosna Muzyczna”, where the newest composition of Martyna Kosecka – Passaggio II for double bass will have it’s premiere.Composition will be performed by Mateusz Loska.

More information on the website of the festival: wiosna muzyczna

February 13-24, 2015
Graz, Austria

Martyna Kosecka will take part in IMPULS. 9th International Ensemble and Composers’ Academy for Contemporary Music in Graz, Austria.

During the workshops and various sound-projects she will broaden her knowledge under the leadership of Beat Furrer, Chaya Czernowin, Richard Barrett, Enno Poppe and many others.

December 15, 2014
Music Biennale Zagreb

Martyna Kosecka’s piece “Kochawaya” among other nine compositions, has been selected to the finals of “the 5-Minute Opera Competition”, taking place at the Music Biennale Zagreb in April.

More about the finalists and jury’s selection procedure you can find here: 28 Music Biennale Zagreb